Estellios Dragon VRChat Avatar (+Gogo Loco) PC

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The regal Estellios species awaits you!

This new species of dragon has been modeled, textured and put together completely from scratch, by me, Estefanoida!. It is SDK3, physbones set-up and full body compatible!

Model will recieve some updates soon!!

Check out my video tutorial/guide on how to upload Estellios to VRChat!

(Unity/Blender experience not required but recommended)

Video Guide

Model stats:

-Tris body (only body and tail): 44K

-Tris (body, tail and all meshes ears, fluff, horns etc): 93K

-Tris (body, tail and all meshes ears, fluff, horns plus all clothes): 120K

-Material count: 6 body (body, tail fluff, hair horns, bat wings, feather wings, fins), 3 clothes (shirt/pants/scarf, jacket/hoodie, warmers)

No Quest version (yet)

-Can be uploaded to VRC Quest but will remain very poor if no optimization is done.

Features included (Character version):

  • Unity packages, with pre-made menus and scenes set up all ready to upload to VRChat!
  • Fun randomizer version (In-game avatar feature)
  • 3 ear types
  • 6 horn types
  • 2 wing types
  • Fins
  • Lots of fluff
  • Physbones set-up
  • Full body tracking
  • MMD japanese blendshapes
  • Gogo Loco set up
  • Several dragon skins.
  • Pre-made facial expressions.
  • Blender files
  • FBX files
  • PSDs with wireframes and occlusion layers
  • The free Poiyomi shader used
  • Substance Painter file
  • And all the features shown in the images!

Extra Features (Character + Clothes version):

  • All of the above features mentioned
  • Scarf
  • Jacket/Hoodie
  • Pants
  • Leg, tail, arm warmers
  • Photoshop/Substance file for clothes
  • Extra menu options for clothes

What is NOT included:

  • VRChat SDK3
  • Pumpkin Avatar Tools

Please keep in mind the following when buying and/or editing this model:

  • Do NOT claim this model as your own creation.
  • For the Blender files, I recommend Blender 3.5.1. or above. Export the FBXs using the regular Blender export once edited. (uncheck Leaf Bones)
  • You may create content (accessories etc) for Estellios and sell it, as long as none of the parts from my Estellios avatar are included. Link back to my base.
  • You are allowed to make edits and retexture commissions. Make sure both the artist and the commissioner have both purchased the model.
  • You are not allowed to resell the model or its files.
  • You are allowed to create public VRChat avatars for in-game use, as long as not every single feature is included, and my credits are added somewhere.
  • You are not allowed to use the model for commercial purposes. (Using files for monetary projects, NFTs, etc)
  • Streaming with the model IS allowed as long as proper credits are given when the model is used.
  • I encourage not to remove my name/watermark from the avatar's textures.
  • If you use this model outside of VRchat, please give my credit where possible.
  • And please, do not make harmful or hateful edits of this model to harass/crash others in VRChat.
  • Due to the nature of digital files NO REFUND

Can I try out the model before purchasing?

Yes! There is a simplified public version on my VRChat avatar world:

Estefanoida's VRC World

Keep in mind this public version is somewhat outdated!

How do I upload to VRChat? (Check my video tutorial!)

  1. Download the current Unity version used by VRC (Unity Hub recommended) Unity
  2. Download VRChat Creator Companion (VCC): Creator Companion
  3. Open VCC, create a New Avatar project for Estellios
  4. Import the Poiyomi Shader included in the files
  5. Import the Gogo Loco file included in the files
  6. Lastly, import the Estellios character or character and clothes unity package. Search for avatar's scene (or prefab, and drag to the scene).
  7. Open VRC SDK window, log in and upload!

Special thanks:

@Bleodafi & @Chromadraco for help testing FBT, as well as helping film the video reel!

The Poiyomi shader group for their amazing free shader, join their discord if wished!

Franada for their free Gogo Loco asset!: Gogo

And Rurre for the super cool Pumpkin Tool: Pumpkin

Updates Log:

June 15th, 2023

-Added body edit blendshapes to the "body horns"

-Added "Cat eyes" blendshape to Estellios

-Added 5 skins to the warmers (Clothes version)

-Added correct menu to "clothes with toggles", it had the randomizer menu instead woops! (Clothes version)

Have any questions about my store avatars, or did something go wrong with my files? Contact me on any of the following!:



Discord: Estefanoida

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No refunds

Due to the nature of this product's DIGITAL form, NO refunds. Thank you

Last updated Feb 13, 2024

The Estellios Dragon Character pack for use and customization


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Estellios Dragon VRChat Avatar (+Gogo Loco) PC

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